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Equality Summit 

Branding Project 

(Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Asana)


I was assigned by Futureforce, Salesforce’s intern organization to design a general identity logo & assets for various promotions to feature at the 2023 Tech Equality Summit, an event dedicated for the next round of software engineering interns from underrepresented communities. The event allows them to network, celebrate this major accomplishment, and learn more about the company. I came up with two conceptual directions & through a series of feedback from my head designers and the client, I was able to land on a branding identity for the event.


- logo/identity
- welcome card
- name tags
- digital signage
- print easle signage
- notebook
- step and repeat, photo backdrop
- ‘follow the leader’ paddle
- stickers


For the identity I chose to go more simplistic based on client feedback, using the Salesforce navy blue and just creating a straightforward tiered look. 

Style Guide:

These are the colors and fonts I ended up going with as well as the visual assets used in most deliverables.

Welcome Card/Digital Signage:

The welcome card was the deliverable I started with and worked off of to develop the branding identity. The sunset mountain theme (the chosen direction of my two conceptual ideas) stemmed from the idea of a “summit” and the visual assets, beautiful Salesforce illustrations, felt like it would fit orange and yellows. After many color studies I felt like I found the right balance and contrast with the visuals and the navy identity. Then I carried this theme out in the other deliverables!

Name Tag, Stickers and Leader Paddle:

*stickers not used for event


*eventually not used for event

Easle Signage:

Photo Backdrop:

Early Iterations and Process:

For my first conceptual ideas and original ideation process I had an idea that surrounded butterflies and growth, as well as the summit idea, all sticking to classic Salesforce colors. There were originally light and dark themes. My manager and creative directors gave me the insight to show the client concept 1 and concept 2 but with a different color scheme that contrasts more with concept 1. I did color studies that ended in the theme above, and the clients chose it as their favorite direction!


This was such an important learning experience for me as I went through the entire top-down process of branding a corporate event within a company at the scale of Salesforce. Although my work was internal, the effort and care my team put into every project they took on because at it’s core Salesforce cares about their employees and wants the work for their employees to be exemplary. Their feedback and expertise were so integral to making this project successful and something I was ultimately so proud of and something I’m confident met their standards of craft. The corporate proceedings regarding designerly approval, client back and forth, and in general understanding how to work within brand guidelines were steep learning curves that eventually got easier and more seamless over time. I am so grateful and honored to have taken on the flagship event for Futureforce, the group I interned through, and I’m so happy the event went well.