Oriental White Stork Endangered Animal Project

Design Lab, March 2022

Part I: Illustration
(Adobe Illustrator)

We were assigned an endangered habitat and asked to choose an animal within that habitat, then create an illustration, a sculpture, and an animated video using both the animal, as the subject, and the habitat as the background. These design works were to be inspired by Charlie Harper, so we were tasked with using mostly line-work and simple shapes to create the overall composition and use a 5-toned color scheme. 

Part II: Recycled Plastic Sculpture

We were then tasked with creating our animal out of recycled plastics to symbolize the endangered status of these animals' homes. This involved compositing, cutting, and piecing together found plastics to create the form of our chosen animal.

Part III: Stop Motion-Esque Animation

(Adobe After Effects)

Lastly we were tasked with creating an animated video using our previous illustration and it's components to tell a short story about our animal and its habitat. This involved researching the habits of our animals and how they interact with their environment, then bringing that to life.