Salesforce︎: Slack Emojis

(Adobe Illustrator, After Effects)


I was assigned to create specific emojis used to break up and differentiate verbose comms announcements in Slack generating more visual interest to these posts so people don't miss them, and make it simpler to find the org change information people need. I came up with a family of emojis all serving different purposes for announcements and more within Salesforce’s internal Slack network. Some of these emojis were also animated. 


opening announcement
marketing announcement
team changes
what’s next
excited to share
new opportunity

Animated Gifs:




This project was so incredibly fun for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the illustration ideation process, learning the methods to achieve consistency through the use of the navy stroke, and going from a monochrome color palette to using color. Most of Salesforce’s branding assets uses illustrations that already exist so creating illustrations from scratch that still feel part of the branding, was an exciting challenge. I also initially wasn’t required to animate the emojis but I thought about how fun and impactful some of them would be animated and I ended up having most of the set be little animated gifs, another super fun process for me in figuring out what the animation would be, to executing and seeing them come to life. I’m so happy with the product and was able to actually see the AI emoji implemented in an all Salesforce slack channel which was so rewarding to witness.