Salesforce︎: ISF Marketing Campaign

Branding and Marketing Project 

(Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Asana)


I was assigned by Inside Salesforce, Salesforce’s internal employee-centered resource blog, to help with initial stages of researching, concept ideating, and early design stages. I researched competitor external marketed campaigns, worked with a small team to come up with concepts for the campaign, and did some minor design iterations in my last few weeks of my internship.


I started off doing research on other company’s external campaigns and presenting that research to my creative team and the client. I highlighted what these companies do well and poorly and what could be implemented in our own campaign. The presentation highlighted Google, Apple and Microsoft’s campaigns. We collectively agreed that Microsoft’s use of human-centered strategy and innovative line work was the strongest campaign and we could pull from what they did well. 

Conceptual Ideation:

We then started concept ideating as a team, considering what the theme of the campaign would be, what we should focus on and how it would look. I sourced images for inspiration and we were able to divide our ideas into three directions. We compiled it all into a presentation that we showed to the clients who then picked a direction, Concept 1. Concept 1 was a more general take on the inside part of Inside Salesforce, utilizing taglines that tease the resources the site provides, with visual cues like layering images inside shapes, so information feels as though it’s  inside. We also suggested using ?’s to play into mystery and foster a sense of curiosity.

Visual Concept Drafting:


I then started visual concept ideation, putting out feelers for possible design concepts that could take shape for the full campaign through digital signage. My first idea had mint tones, having employees inside shapes that contain a pattern of listed resources Inside Salesforce provides, literally visualizing the site. I added a little Astro (Salesforce character), peeking inside. 


My second visual concept had the shape component be the acronym (isf) and favicon of the actual site. The favicon has a sweeping textured stroke underneath it I translated into my designs for this concept, staying true to the existing brand. These also included the patterning of the ISF resources but differered in the images set inside the letterforms, as well some trials with foliage.


The third visual concept centered around the ?, inticing viewers to see the intrigue behind the site. The yellows and warm tones provided a different theme for the clients to choose between when looking at all concepts together.

Chosen Conceptual Direction:

The direction my team chose for me to expand upon was 2, and in doing so I simplified in places, removed the busier pattern, added in some colorful depth to the background and inside the acronym, and refined the flight line. I also added in more people inside the shape to really hone in on the human-centered aspect of the campaign. I also made some additional stickers that go with the branding developed in the digital signage.  


I unfortunately am not present to see this campaign take full form and this may look completely different when my former team skilfully develops it into a full fledged campaign but I was able to help with it’s initial ideation and hopefully plant some designerly seeds to help my team make this campaign absolutely perfect for the clients. It was a very important learning experience for me to see how a campaign like this works within a company from the  research, concepts and overall collaborative brainstorming and ideation. I also had practice presenting research and concepts to clients, a crucial skill I’m happy to have developed over my time at Salesforce. This was such a significant project to close out my incredible internship experience and I would like to take this space to thank my manager and incredible team for all I learned from their talent and expertise.︎