House of Cards-Deepfake P*rnography:
The Danger AI Poses to Women  

Communications Studio III (Project 1)
Project Timeline: 6 weeks

Adobe Illustrator, House of Cards 

We were assigned to design front and back faces for the Ray and Charles Eames House of Cards. Our design had to revolve around the central theme of Artificial Intelligence, informing a narrative about AI and how it creates impact societally. I chose to surround my topic around intimacy and privacy specifically deepfake p*rnography. My project’s inherent purpose is to inform individuals, who believe solely in the power of Artificial Intelligence as a useful tool, that it can also be a dangerous and  destructive one. When we look at how the service has impacted privacy and our overall understanding of intimacy through the open-source nature of deepfake technology and those who use it to harm others, we should be alarmed. I share stories of 4 women who were directly impacted by fake manipulated nudes and deepfake videos with their faces attached to bodies that weren’t their own and provide research and context to an issue that has the potential to harm every woman whose face is on the internet.