Hand-Me-Dorm (UX)

Pursuasion Design Mini - Persuasive Artifact
Project Timeline: 1 week

(Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, ProCreate)

Collaborators: Elin Zhou, Veronica Michaels, Melissa Cruz 


We were tasked with collaboratively propose and create an artifact that employs persuasive techniques in it’s application and use as well as convince an audience of its importance. We proposed an app and corresponding marketing campaign that allowed sophomore students to record and post items that they want to donate to a schoolwide database. Incoming freshmen would then see the catalog of items and reserve any item that they may want. The two user groups for the app were rising sophomores and arriving freshmen. The project was geared towards incoming freshmen who are concerned about the cost of furnishing their dorm. This tackled issues of sustainability and socioeconomic disadvantages directly among our generation.

Style Guide:

We created a branded identity for the app, starting with the ideation of the logo, and then the creation of color schemes and typeface choices. 


For our prototype we had various flows that showcased navigation across the app, how to make a profile depending on user group, home screens per user, the pathway to add an item to your cart as a recipient, to add an item to your page as a donor, and confirmation screens. The onboarding and tagging process make for an organized streamlined process. The font and colors used were simple and legible. There were no actions icons or general display areas where only the color distinguished one element from another, accounting for people with visual disabilities.


To summarize the immediate problem we hoped to solve was, the lack of storage space for items that are no longer needed after the first year and therefore discarded and wasted, and the expensive costs of furnishing a dorm room.

User Groups:

Donors: Freshmen students that will live in current college dorms.
Recipients: Incoming students for the same college that require dorm room items


Marketing Campaign:

With our design elements we were able to curate patterns used in our home screen as well as our marketing campaign, posters that would advertise our hypothetical app, showcasing mockups of our actual screens.


We sought out to create something relevant, timely and had social impact and I think we managed to hit all of those through the core values we used as the basis of our product. As college students this was a problem every single person in the room understood and related to, and as this generation we value sustainable practices and helping conserve our earth’s resources because we have to clean up the messes past generations made for our own futures. And through creating a process that helps conserve waste and gives lower income students another avenue to help them save money, we are overall actively creating solutions through various methods in different contexts, and I think our peers recognized that.