Design Hero: Booklet 

(Adobe InDesign)

The second deliverable in the project was a booklet we were assigned to create a booklet and subsequent mobile experience that correlates with our design hero, using our written essay to tell their story with designed elements. I sectioned the booklet into 7 bits, table of contents, section 01 inspiration&process, section 02 sagmeister&walsh, 03 the creation of &walsh, 04 client work, a timeline of her life and accomplishments, and 05 waves of impact. I wanted to create something that really matched Walsh’s fun bold, poppy, often “camp” like style. Again my focus was showcasing as much of her work as possible and really highlighting it in unique ways. This came through in the Sagmeister&Walsh section where she was more consitricted not in practice and projects but in societal expectations of her being paired leadership-wise with a prominent male designer and her leadership often being undermined, visualized through a gridded format in showcasing her work. This contrasted the &Walsh section that explodes across the page in random orientation and fun placement, when she stepped into her own leadership at her own firm. I also adressed her notable societal impacts and her passion for social advocacy through design. I also used her common symbol of the ampersand and her unique symbolic ampersands from her website as a motif, along with the SS’s from the poster and concentric circles for the i’s for the cover.

Click here for the pdf version of my booklet!︎

Below are the mockups of my final booklet pages, some initial iterative sketches, as well as some process.

My medium post, linked below, details my entire process, the changes and updates made through consistent critique and feedback, including all preliminary iterations before the finalized poster.

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